Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Little Piggy Went To Market

I am distinctly more 'rotund' than the last time I blogged. 'Rotund' is probably too much of a euphemism. I am just plain 'corpulent' i.e. F.A.T.

It was to be expected. Not only am I living at home where there is an excellent 24 hour pancake machine in the form of my cook, I am working in a team with the 4 little piggies. We have our own plantain chips supplier for goodness' sake!

I am doomed.

Oh and did I mention that I'm shelling out 120% of my youth corper salary on a personal trainer who comes twice a week, yet I'm STILL putting on weight?

I am really doomed.

I need to get my teeth wired.



Chari said...

1st 'er!

hahahaha omg...this is serious mehn what is the pt of the personal trainer? I guess maybe you'd av become a balloon with him/her eh?

hope ur good sha... said...

from one corper to another,
you need to have your allowee taken away from you!

Anonymous said...

get a tapeworm!

Sephy said...

oooh poor you, but thank god u are no longer blocked! meanwhile please do stop over feeding yourself, one would think chicken or turkey is not on the menu for xmas! we might just be eating pig! and i mean YOU!