Friday, July 25, 2008

Let the Healing Begin

For the second time in my blog career, I have changed my blog's URL. Gone is the awkward and impossible to remember etcetera hyphen etceteroo link, and in its place is the original, the one and the only, bitchyinthecity dot blogspot dot com.

Why did I decide to revert to my original URL? I don't know. Perhaps because I've come full circle? I don't think so. I have claimed to have "come full circle" so many times on this blog now, that I no longer know what "coming full circle" really means!

I am a permanent resident of the good city of Lagos now. It's still such a scary thought, that I have trouble saying it out loud. If you are a personal friend of mine, you could be forgiven for thinking me bonkers on reading that last sentence, as all I have done for the past few months is moan and groan about London, how dreary it is, and about how much happier I would be if I were at home.

If you know me however, you also know that I am somewhat schizophrenic, and that I can be in love with something today and despise it tomorrow. This illness is reflected in the number of websites I possess on the world wide web, the bastard children of many business ideas that I threw my whole being into for a period, and then dumped without so much as a backward glance a few weeks later.

I have begun to worry that this schizophrenia is getting in the way of my progress in all respects. The fear of commitment is what I probably really suffer from. That, and getsboredreallyeasily syndrome. My shoddy treatment of my blog is testament enough to this and I am really getting sick of it.

I'm turning over a new leaf. I intend to blog once a week religiously, regardless of whether or not I have something to say. I'm giving myself a royal kick up the bum which, if it works, could cure me of this unbearable inertia.

Hmmm... I wonder what I'll write about during the week? Oh dear. I can feel the panic already beginning to settle.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The Perfect Way to End a Dull Day - 10 Easy, Quick and Pain-Free Steps

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m at my desk in an office somewhere in the City of London sipping an icy mojito from a flourescent orange Winnie the Pooh mug.

How did this happen you might ask?

Well... Let’s just say I got bored at work, very bored in fact, and in the middle of an email exchange with an equally bored friend who was also sat at her desk somewhere not too far from me in the City, decided I needed a drink... a nice summery drink with which to lift my ailing spirits.

For the record, I am not an alcoholic... I am just a very bored intern. Yes... that’s right, I’m interning yet again... and no I’m not thrilled about it. (The last time I filled out a form asking for my ‘Occupation’ I came dangerously close to writing ‘Recurring Intern’ on it!)

Today is my last day at the firm and the mojito is my goodbye present to myself. For anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament, my advice to you would be as follows:
(1) Grab a long coat, your wallet and security pass (or whatever it is you need to get around the building),
(2) Walk stealthily to the department kitchenette, and grab the largest mug you can find and fill it with a little water,
(3) Whilst sipping slowly so as not to attract attention, head for the stairwell so that it looks like you’re headed to another floor rather than outside,
(4) If no one is in the stairwell, empty the mug and wrap the coat around it so that it’s concealed on all sides,
(5) Make for the exit, smiling at the security guards as you walk past,
(6) Head to the bar next door and place your order,
(7) Grab your drink and find a table in the corner,
(8) Unwrap the mug, tip the drink into the empty mug and wrap the coat back around the mug being careful not to spill it,
(9) Walk back into the office building with your head held high,
(10) Sit at your desk, unwrap your purchase and sip on it to your heart’s content.

Have a lovely weekend bloggies! Xxx